Snorky craft
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Players 0/60
Version 1.15.x
Rank 7
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Uptime 96.8%
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Country Canada
Types MCMMOPvESurvival

**Overworld** A Semi-Hard-Vanillia world that have acess to simplified Qql Plugins like GriefPrevention, /rtp (Random Wild Teleports), Timber, 1 sethome. There's also a custom boss altar plugin that we have added for Overworld that players can choose to work together to gather the resources to fight them! it's all on players if they want to fight them or not!

**Overworld+***We have a mode called nightmare which basically means the more you progress with your equipments aka Iron -> Diamond the difficulty of the mobs will increase (Increase in overall stats), There are specialized mobs called "Elite Mobs" and they can drops Elitecoins to be used to upgrade your Elite Ranks! What's the use of Elite Ranks you ask? it's basically a rank to increase the mobs spawnrate and allow you to get higher equipments/tier drops!

**Special Dungeons** We also have made special dungeons for everyone to try out! they're difficult dungeons that required teamwork to be fully cleared and it is not possible to solo under any circumstances!

**Why 2 worlds?** The Overworld is aimed for the normal average joe that just want to enjoy the game with some QqL (Quality of life) plugins!, In the meantine Overworld+ is aimed for people to strive to be the best and want some more MMO Aspect to the game!