Project Monde
Owner TravelerJay
Status online
Players 1/64
Version 1.14.x
Rank 5
Votes 0
Uptime 66.3%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types Survival

Hello everyone. Project Monde's goal is to try and redefine land claiming servers all together and make it more interesting. Our Custom Plugins is what allows us to achieve this. In this server you are able to take land away from others and break blocks, but there is a catch to how this all works and it all makes sense. How to works is that you buy different levels of protection for your chunk, you use /buy [lv1/lv2/lv3] each level takes a different amount of resources to buy. When you use they command it will apply to the current chunk you are standing on. Lvl 1 protection offers a protection lvl of 20 which means others have to break a block 25 times before it actualy get destroyed. Each lvl increases in protection. You can also take chunks from others as well. You do this by breaking a certain amount of blocks on that chunk. So lvl 1 has a chunk durability of 50 meaning you need to break 50 blocks before that chunk becomes neutral and you can buy it. You can also trust people with your chunks/land using the /trust [username] and /untrust [username] command. I hope that explains how our plugin works. Another plugin we use is called Ore-Control, it allows you to set custom presets for how ores spawns. If you wanted to find gold you would go to a desert or if you wanted coal you would go to a swamp. Our other plugin MinecartSP lets us make minecarts up to 5 times faster. We do this so players are more likely to use them for transportation. I hope you under stand how this serv